Bio-inspired Hardware and Evolvable Systems

  in Special Issue   Posted on August 16, 2017

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Submission Deadline: Thu 31 Aug 2017
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Journal Name : IET Computers and Digital Techniques
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specific topics include, but are not limited to:

Intrinsic/extrinsic/mixtrinsic evolution
On-chip bio-inspired approaches and bio-inspired models in hardware
Autonomous, self-reconfigurable, learning and adaptive systems
Novel evolvable hardware architectures
Bio-inspired computing, neuromorphic hardware, robotic systems
Novel devices and computational materials
Self-repairing, fault-tolerant systems
Intrinsic fault-tolerance and resilience
Bio-inspired electronic circuit synthesis and design optimization
Genetic representations and genetic models of computing and hardware
Multi-objective optimization for hardware design
Bio-inspired approximate computing for energy efficiency, performance and reliability
Graceful degradation

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