Architectures and Systems for Automotive, Aeronautic and Intelligent Transportation (ASAASIT’2020)

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Intelligent collaborating systems are networked systems that have the capacity to gather and analyse complex data, take decisions based on the data analysis, actuate the decisions, as well as, communicate with other systems to form intelligent infrastructures (systems-of-systems) that can perform complex tasks to achieve common higher-level goals. Such systems include autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and industry 4.0. Applications such as Autonomous cars, Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communications, in-vehicle infotainment, and assistance for elderly and disabled drivers require powerful processing and communication capabilities. Moreover, modern intelligent systems play a leading role in strategically worldwide projects such as green and sustainable mobility in future smart cities and smart roads.

In this context, system safety and security are becoming increasingly relevant as humans are progressively ruled out from the decision/control loop of intelligent and learning-enabled machines. In particular, the technical foundations and assumptions on which traditional system engineering principles are based are inadequate for systems in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, in particular Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, are interacting with the physical world at increasingly higher levels of autonomy.


The special issue “Architectures and Systems for Automotive, Aeronautic and Intelligent Transportation (ASAASIT’2020)” is addressing all technological and methodological aspects related to intelligent systems. Papers on any of the following and related topics can be submitted to the special issue:

  • System architecture and software design for efficient, safe, green and autonomous vehicles.
  • Emerging technologies enabling intelligent connected vehicles and collaborative systems.
  • Hardware and software design for intelligent systems based on Multicore, FPGA, GPU and heterogeneous architectures.
  • Hardware and software solutions for run-time system management, power management, diagnostics and self-adaptation.
  • Machine and Deep Learning for autonomous vehicles and industry 4.0: Hardware accelerators, GPU, Multi-cores, etc.
  • Safe human-machine interaction in automated decision-making systems.
  • Safety in AI-based system architectures.
  • Safety and security assessment and detection of security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Design of security and privacy for intelligent systems
  • Sensors, actuators and wireless technologies for intelligent systems
  • Design of efficient computing and reliable communication systems for harsh environments
  • Energy modeling and optimization for low powered embedded devices, such as for UAS (Unmanned Aerial System)

Guest Editors

Paris-Saclay University, CEA, List, F-91120, Palaiseau, France
Email: [email protected]

Ph.D., Associate professor, Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen
Department of Engineering – Networks and Analytics
Email: [email protected]

Submission instructions

Each manuscript should have a tutorial value and should include clear explanations made with a high-quality graphical material (figures, graphs, etc.), and references. The manuscript should conform to the IEEE format: single-spaced, double column, US letter page size, 10-point size Times Roman font, up to 15 pages. In order to conduct a blind review, no indication of the authors’ names should appear in the manuscript, references included.

Extended journal versions of papers are welcome which were presented in the Special Session on Architectures and Systems for Automotive, Aeronautic, Space and Intelligent Transportation (ASAASIT) and the Special Session on System Design for Collaborating Intelligent Systems (SDCIS) of the DSD 2019 and 2020. Notice that the extended paper must contain at least 30% of new material different from the original work published in the conference proceedings possibly with a reformulated text of the unmodified parts.

All manuscripts and any supplementary material should be submitted via the Elsevier online submission system of the MICPRO journal, available at, to the MICPRO Special Issue on “Architectures and Systems for Automotive, Aeronautic and Intelligent Transportation”. When submitting the paper please select “VSI: ASAASIT2020” as the article type.

To establish a close tie with this journal, we would appreciate if you could identify and add a few relevant references published in MICPRO in recent years, for the best interest of the authors as well as of the journal.

After the submission the papers will undergo a regular journal review and acceptance procedure.

The schedule of the MICPRO Special Issue ASAASIT’2020 is as follows:

  • Submission deadline: January 24th, 2021
  • First author notification: March 26th, 2021
  • Revisions due by: April 25th, 2021
  • Final Notification: May 23th, 2021
  • Publication Date: As per Journal Decision

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