Application of Wearables in Digital Medicine

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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The emerging field of digital medicine leverages advances in wearable and mobile technology to have a direct impact on diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, and treating disease. The critical need for these technologies has been emphasized in recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic and associated physical distancing measures preventing many in-person healthcare visits. This crisis has highlighted the opportunity that digital medicine provides for improving access and quality of care. However, before this vision can be realized, it is critical that the novel wearable and mobile health technologies underpinning digital medicine undergo rigorous validation. Despite this need, validation efforts are fractured, with recent calls for a structured process for the validation of these technologies that encompasses technical, clinical, and system-level considerations.

This Special Issue will gather novel developments in the use of wearable sensors for digital medicine and particularly efforts to validate their use in human subjects. Studies that highlight novel hardware and/or methodological developments, validation of these approaches in human subjects, and systematic reviews of the literature in a particular subarea of digital medicine are encouraged. Approaches that discuss approaches for collecting and analyzing multi-modal data are of particular interest. Where appropriate, we strongly encourage authors to deposit their source code and data in a public repository (e.g., GitHub) to help accelerate progress in this field. Topics include but are not limited to the following topics.

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