Application of Sensors in Transportation in the Context of Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0

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Dear Colleagues,

Logistics and transport are joint areas of interest where Industry 4.0 is concerned. Logistics would mean very little without transportation processes which take place in every facility, no matter whether it is a logistics facility, factory or any other. Industry 4.0 creates many new opportunities in all of the aforementioned areas, but at the same time, it brings several challenges. It is expected that new skills will be developed in human work, but also in the equipment and devices used to operate the production, logistics, and transport systems. It is certain as well that the development of Industry 4.0, based on digitization and automation represented for logistics, production, and transportation, will provide not only huge challenges but also opportunities for increasing efficiency. It is also worth mentioning that the similarity of logistics and production processes blurs the differences between Logistics 4.0 and Factory 4.0 and, consequently, also Industry 4.0. The objectives of papers will be to present solutions of a technical nature, especially applications of sensors, as opposed to many items in which purely economics, management, and theoretical aspects of Industry 4.0 are presented. Additionally, it will identify and provide current and future research issues, especially regarding the fact that the future of Industry 4.0 is far away of being foreordained. We invite researchers in the global logistics, production, and transportation community to contribute original research papers, as well as review articles and empirical studies, which will stimulate debate in the topic.

Dr. Mariusz Kostrzewski
Guest Editor

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