Antenna Designs for 5G/IoT and Space Applications

in Special Issue   Posted on March 8, 2021 

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Antenna design has received renewed attention in the last few years. This is thanks to an explosion of interest in a range of applications, from Internet of Things, low frequency long-range applications to high-frequency mmWave 5G mobile technologies. There has also been renewed interest in wearable antennas that form body area networks. These include wearable garments as well as materials that directly attach themselves to skin, such as e-skin. In addition to this, a renewed interest in space and space exploration has renewed interest in satellite technologies and applications, such as CubeSats, intersatellite communications and deep space exploration. All these emerging applications bring a renewed interest in looking at special materials and new designs for antenna systems. This will bring new challenges in designing such antennas.

This Special Issue is intended to shed some light on recent advances in antenna design for these new emerging applications and identify further research areas in this exciting field of communications technologies. We invite researchers and practicing engineers to contribute original research articles that discuss issues related but not limited to:

Antenna design for Internet of Things;
Beamforming and smart antennas for 5G;
Antenna design for wearable applications;
Antenna design for body area networks;
Antenna design for Chipless RFID;
Metamaterial-based antennas;
Smart antennas, beamforming and MIMO;
Aeronautical and space applications;
Antenna design for CubeSat;
Antenna design for deep space communication
Antenna design for biomedical systems and applications;
Implanted antennas;
UWB and multispectral technologies and systems;
MM-wave and THz antennas.

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