Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Physical Behavior Sensing in the Development of Systems for Monitoring, Training, Controlling, and Improving Quality of Life

in Special Issue   Posted on December 30, 2020 

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Dear Colleague,

Biomedical signals sensors and physical behavior in remote sensing convey digital data for intelligent analysis and detection and classification of living organism states, behaviors or physiological processes describing their nature or activity. This Special Issue covers multidisciplinary works in the field of biomedical engineering, computer science, human–computer interaction, electronics, and partly also medicine, sport, and psychology, aiming at monitoring and improving living organisms’ quality of life. The Special Issue addresses the application of sensor data processing and analysis, with special interest in, but not limited to, the following list of aspects:

Application of artificial intelligence for biomedical signal analysis and classification;
Efficiency and efficacy in multimodal data processing, synchronization, and fusion;
The problem of a small amount of data in method and system profiling, teaching, adaptation, and calibration;
Signal pattern and behavioral pattern recognition in monitoring and diagnosis systems;
Human–computer interaction in therapy, training, control, activity monitoring, and rehabilitation systems;
Physical and mental health monitoring, assistive living, and wellbeing-oriented systems;
Sensing challenges for cognitive and physical aging diagnosis and treatment;
Sensing challenges for elderly people and people with disabilities.

Prof. Dr. Michał Strzelecki
Prof. Dr. Adam Wojciechowski
Guest Editors

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