Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence in Sensors Technology

in Special Issue   Posted on December 18, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue gathers novel developments in the use of artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms in sensors, including both recent methodological developments and new results in applications. Given the focus on methodological developments, we strongly encourage authors to deposit their source code in a public repository (e.g., GitHub) if possible. Topics include but are not limited to the keywords given below.

The intensive development of modern sensor systems and sensor networks supporting many areas of human activity results in a huge amount of information that requires processing. Artificial intelligence can and should very actively support this challenge. The use of artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, or classification techniques in the process of image recognition or the identification of behavior patterns in conjunction with fast and effective sensing can significantly contribute to the growth of technological progress in technical and medical sciences, as well as logistics and transport.


Classification algorithms
Data clustering
Evolutionary algorithms in sensing
Neural networks
Data pattern recognition
Maintenance and production scheduling
Artificial intelligence in predictive and proactive scheduling
Energy efficient scheduling
Stochastic models in artificial intelligence
Queueing theory-based approach
Genetic programming
Project scheduling
Artificial intelligence in assembly line balancing
Disassembly line balancing

Prof. Dr. Wojciech Kempa
Dr. Iwona Paprocka
Guest Editors

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