Advanced Fiber-Optic Sensors in Civil Engineering

in Special Issue   Posted on December 18, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

Optical fibers are increasingly used in all technical fields, including civil engineering. The rapid development of fiber-optic technologies enables the application of the fiber-optic sensors in different areas, such as a monitoring of the building objects, bridge and tunnel constructions or, for example, specific areas like vibrations and noises generated by rail transport on the surface and underground of the urban infrastructure. In all these areas, as well as others within the SMART Cities concept, fiber-optic sensors offer great potential to supply or replace the current conventional measuring devices. This Special Issue aims to present novel and innovative applications of fiber-optic sensors in the field of civil engineering, urban infrastructure, and urbanism in general. Both review articles and original research papers related to the implementation of fiber-optic sensors are welcome. We invite submissions on a wide range of smart fiber-optic sensor research in civil engineering, including but not limited to:

Fiber-optic sensors in the field of civil engineering;
Fiber-optic sensors in the field of road and rail traffic in conception SMART Cities;
Intelligent fiber-optic sensor systems for Industry 4.0 and SMART Cities;
Fiber-optic sensors in the field of seismicity of drilling and blasting operations;
Fiber-optic sensors in all fields of geotechnical engineering generating vibrations;
Temperature measurement based on fiber-optical methods in the field of civil engineering;
New concepts for photonic sensing in civil engineering;
Structural health monitoring;
Special fiber-optic sensors in the field of civil engineering.

Dr. Jan Nedoma
Guest Editor

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