2nd Ubiquitous AI and Machine Learning

in Special Issue   Posted on April 29, 2021 

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Submission Deadline: Wed 30 Jun 2021
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Journal Name : International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development
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Special Issue Call for Papers:

International Conference on 2nd Ubiquitous AI and Machine Learning in the month of OCTOBER 2021. We experience role of AI everywhere, it is now omnipresent. From agriculture sector to space study and exploration we feel and enjoy the presence of AI and obviously the Machine learning.Our main focus to unite all the stake holders involved in AI and Machine Learning.Ubiquitous AI-driven software that utilizes deep learning and machine learning models to enable conversational AI, autonomous machines, machine vision, and other AI technologies require serious engineering. We focus to create a best knowledge feast to upcoming student and workforce community.Increased computing power and sensor data along with improved AI algorithms are driving the trend towards machine learning be run on the end device, such as smartphones or automobiles, rather than in the cloud.We delighted to bring together practitioners of AI, machine learning.