Primary Research vs Secondary Research: Definitions, Differences, and Examples

Researchers and scholars utilize a wide variety of methods to collect and analyze information. Scientists, for instance, do research by conducting experiments that will support or contradict a theory. Sociologists, on the other hand, use surveys and interviews to gather information from ...Read More

How to Write a Research Question: Types, Steps, and Examples

Most, if not all, studies and research start with formulating a research question. Unfortunately, researchers can face difficulties in trying to convert what they see as legitimate, relevant issues into sound research questions (Doody & Bailey, 2016). Additionally, despite the importance of ...Read More

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper: Steps and Examples

Research takes on many forms but many academic essays, papers, and research projects have one thing in common: a thesis statement. The thesis statement is made up of one or two sentences that concisely summarize the main points or arguments of a ...Read More

How to Write Research Methodology: Overview, Tips, and Techniques

According to Goddard and Melville (2001, p.1), research goes beyond the process of gathering information; rather, it is also about finding answers to unanswered questions as part of discovering and/or creating new knowledge. And in order for this newly discovered or created ...Read More

How To Cite a Research Paper: Citation Styles Guide

Citing your sources is an important practice when it comes to any type of publishing. In academic research, it is standardized by many bodies. And, publication venues like journals and conferences are quite strict about their formats. Thus, it is best for ...Read More

Zoom Games for 2021: Quick, Team Building Ideas for Large Groups

The COVID-19 pandemic has unexpectedly pushed most companies into adopting remote work arrangements. These new arrangements seemed to offer advantages to many employees and business leaders at first. However, as the pandemic continued to thrive, some industry experts are now acknowledging the ...Read More

Needs Analysis: Definition, Importance & Implementation

When business performance takes a nosedive, managers tend to implement a training program hastily. Training programs, however, are always predicated on employee performance and skills issues. What businesses must fear about hastily executed and unstructured training is that it may well prove ...Read More

List of Best Employee Perks: Health & Wellness Benefits, Leaves, and Financial Aid

The overall success of a company depends on several factors, and one of these is employee happiness and satisfaction. Although companies see their employees as one of their most valuable assets, most of them think that offering a high salary is enough ...Read More

How to Write a Research Paper for Publication: Outline, Format & Types

Aspiring researchers tend to have difficulties in how to write a research paper for publication. Some do not know exactly where to start on a thesis while others have trouble making their ideas come across clearly.  One reason for this is that ...Read More

Instructional Design Models: ADDIE, Gagne’s, Merrill’s and Bloom’s Methodologies

To properly administer education, the programs by which pieces of training are coursed through should be structured in a manner that fully engages learners and allows for new concepts to be absorbed and applied. This is why effective instructional design is at ...Read More

Classroom Management Plan Guide With Examples

Educators are some of the most overworked professionals around (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2019). This, even if it only ranks 45th among the highest-paying college majors. Aside from making sure that they have teaching skills, they also have to develop ...Read More

Productivity Meeting Icebreakers: Ideas for Virtual Teams, Large Groups & Managers

Productivity meeting icebreakers play a major role in events when communication and employee participation are essential. These activities guarantee that all employees are equal participants and their engagement can own the results of a meeting. They diminish the barriers that are present ...Read More

The Average Cost of College in the U.S.: Private vs. Public Tuition

“How much is college tuition per year in the US?” This question continues to bother many US and foreign students alike as education costs remain their biggest financial concern. As students prepare for school every year, they also contemplate where to find the ...Read More

Top 100 Student Scholarships: A Guide to Scholarship Search in the US

Learning new skills, finding more career choices, seeing the world, and living a more quality life—these factors make higher education highly essential. Although some students are driven by these thoughts to attend college and finish it, others feel anxious due to their ...Read More

History of eLearning: Evolution from Stenography to Modern LMS Platforms

Elearning is undoubtedly making the overall quality of people’s lives much better. However, many do not still know how elearning started, the great minds behind it, and what it went through to become what it is now. In a 1999 CBT Systems ...Read More

Top 110 Best Colleges in America: Public, Private & Community Institutions

Despite declining college enrollment rates in the United States, higher education remains a priority for many students today. For the 2019-2020 academic year alone, over 21 million students enrolled in post-secondary institutions across the country (Ma et al., 2020). This figure is ...Read More

The Best Times to Post on Social Media: 2021 Studies & Statistics

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to knowing when to post, how often to be active on social media, and which content to post and share with the world. In the wake of the global pandemic, uncertain markets, and distant ...Read More

Use of Blockchain Technology for Legal Contracts: Will Smart Contracts Replace Lawyers?

The emergence of blockchain gave birth to cryptocurrencies and provided the groundwork for the transformation of global finance. That happened a decade ago. Today, through smart contracts, blockchain is changing how legal practice is done. Are smart contracts the blockchain technology that ...Read More

Major U.S. Military Bases and Installations in 2021 – Domestic & Overseas

The two great world wars forever changed the United States’ attitude towards its role in the world, from a country that wanted nothing to do with armed conflicts outside its own borders to one that proactively keeps an eye on global threats ...Read More

Top 255 Stores That Offer a Student Discounts

tudeStudents are known for being in the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to personal finance. And because studying college in the U.S. can cost upwards of $70,000 yearly, it is but natural for them to squeeze all they can from ...Read More

What Are The Real Benefits of College Education – A Complex Reality

The debate on whether going to college is worth your salt continues, with both sides claiming that data supports their argument. On one end, college graduates are paid higher, a fact documented by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, calculating the ...Read More

35 Scientific Benefits of Gratitude: Mental Health Research Findings

The dictionary definition of “gratitude” is pretty straightforward—“the state of being grateful” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, n.d.). Similarly, another dictionary defines gratitude as “a strong feeling of appreciation” for the help that you receive from someone or something (Cambridge Dictionary. n.d.). While both definitions ...Read More

95 Essential Links for the Parents of Gifted Children: Websites & Online Resources

Parents who find out they have a gifted child in the family often realize they do not have the requisite capabilities to best nurture the talents of the gifted child in their care. To address the challenge, their best option is to ...Read More

Student Rights at School: Freedom of Speech, Dress Code & Privacy

Academics and grades are not the only things learners should concern themselves about when going to school. Knowing one’s rights as a student prevents possible abuse from both the institution and members of the school population. And if abuse does occur, there ...Read More

The Concentration of Poverty in American Schools: Race, Economics & Housing Policies

Even decades following the end of racial segregation, African-American, Hispanic, and other minority students still do not have the same educational opportunities as those of their white peers. However, despite some setbacks, racial disparities are gradually narrowing. In fact, the deficit in ...Read More

12 Ways to Reduce Stress For College Students

Stress is a normal part of life. Everyone experiences stress almost anytime, at any age, in any place, and in any situation. Since change is known to create stress, major life events like going to college are among the most stressful experiences ...Read More

How To Use Responsive Web Design To Your Advantage

More and more people access websites, transact business, and connect with their social networks through their mobile phones or tablets. From only 31% in 2015, mobile traffic now represents half of the entire internet traffic worldwide (StatCounter, 2020). This figure is expected ...Read More

How Not to Talk to Your Child: Raising Confident, Well-Adjusted Kids

The character Morpheus of The Matrix fame once said, “there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” The line has a nice ring to it, but what makes it truly special is how “walking the path,” or in ...Read More

US Students’ Academic Achievements: Performance Still Lags Behind OECD Peers

While students in a country seem to fare well in their academics, how can that country verify that their learners are excelling on the world stage? This is where major cross-national education assessments like the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational ...Read More

12 Best Student Laptops in 2021: Budget & Premium Recommendations

Entering college is an exciting time because it means students are embarking on a new journey. It is also a time when students are busy shopping for new supplies. Pens? Notebooks? Easy. But laptops? Not so much because there are many factors ...Read More