Best Online Bachelor’s Software Engineering Degrees: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Studying for a software engineering degree lets one enjoy a lucrative career that is highly in demand. For starters, surveys show that a software engineer in the United States can earn an average of $107,264 per year (Indeed, 2021). Meanwhile, according to ...Read More

What is Mastery Learning Model? Definition, Principles, and Examples

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Psychology Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

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Best Online Computer Programming Bachelor’s Degree: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

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Economics Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

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Engineering Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

With an engineering degree, you can enter the fields of astronomy, agriculture, medicine, chemistry, transportation, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), engineering occupations are expected to have a 3% increase from 2019 to 2029 (BLS, 2021). Students planning to ...Read More

What is General Education? Definition, Requirements & A List of Courses

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Best Online Master’s Degree In Data Science: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

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Finance Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

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Marketing Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

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Flipped Classroom Model Guide: Method Definition, Benefits & Examples

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Best Online Cyber Security Degrees: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

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How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace & Those Working from Home

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What is PMO in Project Management? A Guide to PMO Role, Types & Measuring Success

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80 Icebreaker Questions for Work, College and High School Students

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Types of College Degrees: Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctorate

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What is an Agile Team? Definition, Frameworks, and How to Build a Team

The agile methodology may have come from the software development world, but it has been widely recognized and adopted by other industries (Poepsel, 2019).  Mission Bell Winery, which focuses on wine production, and jet manufacturer Saab both implement agile (Rigby,, 2016). ...Read More

World Ranking of Top Computer Scientists in 2021 (7th Edition)

On May 10, 2021, Guide2Research released the 7th edition of the annual ranking for top scientists in the area of computer science and electronics. This list of leading scholars is designed to offer the academic community more visibility and exposure to the ...Read More

Is Marketing a Good Major? A Guide to Jobs, Salary & Requirements

Marketing deals with product or service development and branding, and encouraging people to try it. To become good at marketing, one has to fully grasp certain business elements, finance, and other angles. Covering a vast spectrum of practices, a marketing degree will ...Read More

Team Building Games for the Office, Remote Workers & Outdoors

A team that plays together, works well together. However, the minute management announces a team building game, it will most likely be met with blank stares and rolling eyes from employees. Many companies can relate to this scenario (Tallyfy, n.d.). Most team ...Read More

Best LMS for Schools in 2021: Key Features of the Top Learning Management Systems

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What is a Research Question? Tips on How to Find Interesting Topics

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Abstract Research Paper: Types, Tips & Best Practices

If you want to capture a reader’s interest, frame an engaging title; if you need to summarize your text, write a good abstract. An abstract briefly and precisely describes what a paper is about and what readers can anticipate finding from it. An ...Read More

What Is Empirical Research? Definition, Types & Samples

How did life begin? Why do we sleep? Why does time always run forward and never reverse? These are among the age-old questions that up to now, no definitive answers had been found. In research, these are called empirical questions, which ask ...Read More

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Effective Tips and Strategies

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Top Cop Schools for 2021: Degrees in Criminal Justice, Police Science & Law Enforcement

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How Many Credits Will You Need for a Bachelor’s Degree?

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How to Write a Research Proposal: Structure, Examples & Common Mistakes

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60 Motivational Quotes for Employees: Achieving Goals, Hard Work & Leadership

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What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

Obtaining a computer science (CS) degree can lead you to jobs in a wide range of industries. Technology is, of course, one of them but graduates of computer science degree programs can also have successful careers in healthcare, business, education, and communications, ...Read More