Parallel Processing Letters

  in Journal   Posted on November 4, 2020

Parallel Processing Letters publishes original research papers in the areas of Computer Networks and Communications, Hardware, Robotics & Electronics and Software Engineering & Programming. The journal is aimed at scholars, practitioners and researchers who are focused on such topics of scientific research . Parallel Processing Letters presents high-quality, original articles where all submitted papers are peer reviewed to ensure the best quality. The journal encourages submissions from the research community where attention will be on the innovativeness and the practical importance of the published work.

Parallel Processing Letters is listed in a wide range of abstracting and indexing datasets like Scopus, Web of Science and Guide2Research. Many leading scholars have published their research contributions at this Journal among them Michel Raynal, Jesper Tegnér, Paul Spirakis and Jürgen Teich.

For additional information on the rules and submission prerequisites for authors, it is recommended to see the journal website for Parallel Processing Letters at .

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