SecureComm 2021 : International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Systems

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Conference Information

Submission Deadline Monday 15 Mar 2021 Proceedings indexed by :
Conference Dates Sep 6, 2021 - Sep 9, 2021
Conference Address Canterbury, United Kingdom
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Conference Organizers : ( Deadline extended ? Click here to edit )

Conference Ranking & Metrics (This is a TOP Conference)

Impact Score 1.98
#Contributing Top Scientists 41
#Papers published by Top Scientists 44
Google Scholar H5-index 0
Number of Editions: 17
Guide2Research Overall Ranking: 486
Category Rankings
Networks and Communications 121
Computer Security and Cryptography 42
Signal Processing 89

Conference Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

Network security and privacy (for all types of networks such as wired, wireless, mobile, hybrid, sensor, vehicular, satellite, 5G, 6G, ad hoc, peer-to-peer, and software-defined networks)
Attacks on telecommunications and networking (e.g., malware, botnets, DoS, MitM, relay attacks, side channel attacks, phishing/pharming, DNS poisoning/hijacking, address spoofing, cybersquatting)
Security protocols at all network layers and for different applications (e.g., for secure routing, naming/addressing, network management, remote authentication and attestation)
Physical layer security (e.g., jamming, GPS spoofing)
Systems security with a strong secure communication and networking element (e.g., security in cloud, edge and fog computing, IoT, RFID, cyber-physical sysytems, teleconferencing)
Network intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls, packet filters
Web and mobile security & privacy
Anonymous communications and other forms of privacy-enhancing or privacy-aware communications (e.g., Tor, darknet)
Distributed ledger technologies (blockchain and cryptocurrencies)
Internet censorship and countermeasures
Resilience of computer networks and critical infrastructures
Visualisation of secure communications and networking
Cyber (both offensive and defensive) deception related to secure communications and networking (e.g., honeypots / honeytokens, cyber fraud)
False information online including mis-, dis- and mal-information
Moving target defence
Information hiding (steganography, steganalysis, and digital watermarking)
Privacy-preserving computing in secure communication and networking
Cryptographic systems for secure communications and networking (e.g., key management, multi-party computing, broadcast encryption, sectre sharing schemes)
Quantum key distribution and other quantum-based secure communications
Network, internet and cloud forensics
Cyber threat intelligence and cyber incident responses
Cybercrime investigation and attribution
Data leakage/loss prevention/protection (DLP)
Secure communication and networking applications (e.g., industry 4.0, energy, smart cities, transportation, water, logistics, waste)
Security and privacy of contact tracing and other COVID-19 related digital interventions with a core element on telecommunications or networking
Socio-technical aspects of secure communications and networking (e.g., usability, human behaviours, legal issues, cybercrime, economics)

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