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25 Free Software for Students: Apps for Productivity, Collaboration & Referencing

Generally, free software solutions do not possess the features and capabilities of their paid counterparts. Also, they might not look as user-friendly compared to premium ones. However, for those looking to save, they might just work. And for those still studying full-time, free software for students can be the most attractive option. ...Read More

Mobile vs Desktop Usage Statistics for 2020/2021

In general, people are spending more and more time consuming digital media content. According to the latest data from WeAreSocial (“Digital 2019: Global internet use accelerates,” 2019), Internet users are growing at a rate of more than one million new users every day. With each passing year, though, the gap between mobile ...Read More

Top 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America

Campus aesthetics and facilities have proven to be critical deciding factors for students’ choice of colleges and universities. In 2007, a study published in the Building Design & Construction magazine stated that 64% of students considered the condition of campus facilities as an important factor in choosing a college. Likewise, a 2014 ...Read More

Top 50 US Colleges that Pay Off the Most in 2020

Grades are not the only numbers that graduating high school students have to worry about. Just as relevant are the costs revolving around matriculation, tuition fees, books, food, transportation, and other related expenditures. This begs the question, “Which colleges are worth the money?” After all, like with any worthwhile venture, students and ...Read More

Number of Foreign Students Working in the US after Graduation

Every year, the United States welcomes over one million international students to its colleges and universities. These students face the daunting task of not only completing their studies but also dealing with being miles away from home and learning a new culture. Once they graduate, they also have to evaluate whether they ...Read More

31 Female CEOs of the S&P 500 by Industry in 2020

Gender inequality in the workplace has long been a polarizing concern. Besides the infamous pay gap issue, there is also a relatively smaller number of women placed in leadership roles. A 2020 analysis has revealed that the higher the corporate ladder goes, there are fewer women to make the climb (Mercer, 2020). ...Read More

Teenage Cyberbullying Statistics: Prevalence & Impact of Social Media

Cyberbullying is a growing problem in our hyperconnected world where smartphones and the internet rule. In 2019, 36% of middle and high school students in the United States reported that they have been cyberbullied in their lifetime (Patchin, 2019). This is just one of the many surveys and data points that demonstrate ...Read More

Career Goals: Tips, Examples & How to Set Them For Yourself

Defined as a specific statement explaining what an individual wants to pursue throughout his or her career, a career goal is an essential part of the greater career development process. Career goals have been found to positively impact the salary and employment status of an individual three years after entry into the ...Read More

Master’s Degree Programs: Types, Costs & Requirements

It used to be simple—you get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) for business-related careers, a Master of Education (MEd) for teaching roles, a Master of Arts (MA) for graduates of humanities and liberal arts or a Master of Science (MSc) for engineering, sciences and medicine. Today, there are dozens of programs ...Read More

Yale vs Harvard: Which One Is Better?

It is inevitable. Both Yale University and Harvard University are top-notch Ivy League schools with world-class academic credentials both in faculty and alumni rosters. Both speak of esteemed programs in law, medicine, sciences, social sciences and engineering. And both have a heritage to show off, one is the oldest while the other ...Read More