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ICT 2021 : International Conference on Telecommunications

ICT 2021 seeks highly innovative and state-of-the-art contributions in the form of original technical papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings on the following topics, plus others that are not explicitly listed but are closely related: Wireless Communications 5G/6G mobile technologies mm-Wave and Terahertz communications Antenna and ...Read More

VIS 2021 : IEEE Visualization Conference

As the leading academic event on visualization research, IEEE VIS expects important, impactful, and potentially transformative contributions. Submissions will be judged on their importance, potential impact, degree to which the evidence supports the findings, appropriateness of methodology, and the research process followed. After initial notification of review results, papers and any supplemental ...Read More

VISSOFT 2021 : IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization

Topics of interest include: Innovative visualization and visual analytics techniques for analysis of software engineering data. This includes source code, dependencies, repositories, developer social networks like StackOverflow and GitHub, mobile app reviews, documentation, runtime logs, and DevOps data. Visualization to support software development activities, including design, requirements engineering, software maintenance, program comprehension, ...Read More

ICSME 2021 : IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution

We invite high quality submissions describing significant, original, and unpublished results related to but not limited to any of the following software maintenance and evolution topics (in alphabetical order): Change and defect management Code cloning and provenance Concept and feature location Continuous integration/deployment Empirical studies of software maintenance and evolution Evolution of ...Read More

SCAM 2021 : IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation

The aim of the International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation (SCAM) is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on theory, techniques and applications which concern analysis and/or manipulation of the source code of computer systems. While much attention in the wider software engineering community is properly directed towards ...Read More

ICB 2021 : International Conference on Biometrics

IJCB 2021 solicits contributions on topics including, but not limited to, the following: Face, Iris, Fingerprint, Palmprint Periocular, Ear, Vein, Speech Gait and Gesture Multi-Modal and Multi-Spectral Biometrics Mobile-based Biometrics Template Protection and Cryptosystems Privacy, Demographic Bias, Fairness Template Design, Selection and Update Datasets, Evaluation, Benchmarking Performance Modelling and Prediction Large scale ...Read More

MLHC 2021 : Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference

We seek high-quality submissions on wide range of topics, including: Predicting individual patient outcomes Mining, processing and making sense of clinical notes Patient risk stratification Parsing biomedical literature Bio-marker discovery Brain imaging technologies and related models Learning from sparse/missing/imbalanced data Time series analysis with medical applications Medical imaging Efficient, scalable processing of ...Read More

CogSci 2021 : Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

An online proceedings will be published by the Cognitive Science Society. At the time of final submission authors will be required to agree to release of their proceedings contribution under a CC-BY license. This means that authors allow free reuse of their work provided the original authors are attributed. This is the ...Read More

SIGDIAL 2021 : Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL)

We welcome formal, corpus-based, implementation, experimental, or analytical work on discourse and dialogue including, but not restricted to, the following themes: Discourse Processing Rhetorical and coherence relations, discourse parsing and discourse connectives. Reference resolution. Event representation and causality in narrative. Argument mining. Quality and style in text. Cross-lingual discourse analysis. Discourse issues ...Read More

ICS 2021 : International Conference on Supercomputing

Papers are solicited on all aspects of research, development, and application of high-performance and supercomputing systems, including, but not limited to: High performance computing Cloud computing Big data Machine learning Computer architecture Algorithms Languages and runtimes Performance ...Read More