Top Major Computer Science and Electronics Conferences :

DCOSS : IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems

Jun 7, 2021 - Jun 9, 2021 - Coral Bay , Cyprus
Deadline : Mon 18 Jan 2021

RFID : IEEE International Conference on Radio Frequency Identification

Apr 27, 2021 - Apr 29, 2021 - Phoenix , United States
Deadline : Mon 18 Jan 2021

RFIC : IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium

Jun 6, 2021 - Jun 8, 2021 - Atlanta , United States
Deadline : Mon 18 Jan 2021

Special Issues for Journals with Impact Factors

Liberal Arts Degree: Requirements, Career Opportunities, Salary & Costs

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10 Jeopardy Game Maker Tools and Templates for Teachers

Good classroom management considers the students’ level of engagement to help them retain information and maximize their learning experience. Mardhaditya (2018) completed a study on the effectiveness of Jeopardy Game in teaching vocabulary, and concluded that the use of Jeopardy Game is ...Read More

Geography Degree Jobs: Requirements, Career & Salary

Looking for geography jobs can be challenging. In the United States, competition is tough since the occupation is small with a large number of potential candidates (BLS, 2020a). If you are not quite sure where to find work opportunities, an  important thing to ...Read More

How To Read Body Language: Examples, Types & Meaning

Many situations in everyday life involve the use of nonverbal communication. Phutela (2015) explains that nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions and body language greatly influences social environments and the communication process. To shed more light on the importance of nonverbal communication ...Read More

Adult Learning Theory: Methods and Techniques of Teaching Adults

Unlike children and teenagers, adults are far more complex individuals who carry a number of responsibilities that they must balance against the demands of learning. Because of these responsibilities, they face barriers that hinder them from learning. Lack of money, time, and ...Read More

Complex and Compound Sentences: Examples & Rules

English composition requires a fundamental grasp of the English language. Among the basic concepts needed to improve writing in English is knowledge of sentence structure. However, with the many nuances in the language, mastering this can prove to be quite challenging for ...Read More

Levels of Evidence in Research: Examples, Hierachies & Practice

Evidence-based practice has been gaining popularity since its introduction in 1992. While it may seem obvious that occupational practices based their knowledge on scientific evidence, it has been controversial among the scientific community (Trinder & Reynolds, 2006). Since then, it has spread ...Read More

Is Economics a Good Major? Salary, Job Opportunities & Requirements

Economics is involved in daily human activity and influences many of the decisions people make. A trip to the grocery, for instance, is a means to address one’s everyday needs; in other words, human demand. Meanwhile, producing outputs at work is part of ...Read More

Imagery Literary Device: Definition, Types, and Examples

Best-selling authors have one attribute in common—they have a knack for using imagery as a literary device. That is, they expertly use figurative language to vividly represent ideas, actions, and objects to grab readers’ attention and keep them engrossed in a story. ...Read More

What Is A University Dissertation: Structure, Challenges & Writing Tips

A dissertation is the pinnacle of graduate students’ hard work and is regarded as the culmination of their years of research and scholarly work. It is a collection of ideas, theories, and research, that are packaged in a single project, ready for ...Read More