Top Major Computer Science and Electronics Conferences :

ACSAC : Computer Security Applications Conference

Dec 6, 2021 - Dec 8, 2021 - Austin , United States
Deadline : Wed 23 Jun 2021

DAGM GCPR : German Conference on Pattern Recognition

Sep 28, 2021 - Oct 1, 2021 - Bonn , Germany
Deadline : Thu 24 Jun 2021

ASRU : IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop

Dec 13, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021 - Cartagena , Colombia
Deadline : Fri 25 Jun 2021

Special Issues for Journals with Impact Factors

Network management for beyond 5G systems

Journal of Network and Systems Management : (IF: 2.250)
Deadline: Thu 24 Jun 2021

World Ranking of Top Computer Scientists in 2021 (7th Edition)

On May 10, 2021, Guide2Research released the 7th edition of the annual ranking for top scientists in the area of computer science and electronics. This list of leading scholars is designed to offer the academic community more visibility and exposure to the ...Read More

What is a Research Question? Tips on How to Find Interesting Topics

Developing an interesting research question relies on understanding what is a research question, its attributes, and the approaches you can take to generate good ones. This requires a bit of philosophical work on the nature and intents of research programs. It is ...Read More

Abstract Research Paper: Types, Tips & Best Practices

If you want to capture a reader’s interest, frame an engaging title; if you need to summarize your text, write a good abstract. An abstract briefly and precisely describes what a paper is about and what readers can anticipate finding from it. An ...Read More

What Is Empirical Research? Definition, Types & Samples

How did life begin? Why do we sleep? Why does time always run forward and never reverse? These are among the age-old questions that up to now, no definitive answers had been found. In research, these are called empirical questions, which ask ...Read More

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Effective Tips and Strategies

Writing a research paper is a significant but dreaded part of the academics. But while many students consider it as an arduous task, the writing process can actually be a rewarding experience, especially when done correctly. A research paper has a number ...Read More

How to Write a Research Proposal: Structure, Examples & Common Mistakes

Are you a student aiming to complete the course requirements or a researcher seeking funding? If you are, it is crucial that you know how to write a research proposal. However, composing a research proposal is different from creating an ordinary project ...Read More

Computer Science Degree: Requirements, Salary and Career Prospects

Obtaining a computer science (CS) degree can lead you to jobs in a wide range of industries. Technology is, of course, one of them but graduates of computer science degree programs can also have successful careers in healthcare, business, education, and communications, ...Read More

Primary Research vs Secondary Research: Definitions, Differences, and Examples

Researchers and scholars utilize a wide variety of methods to collect and analyze information. Scientists, for instance, do research by conducting experiments that will support or contradict a theory. Sociologists, on the other hand, use surveys and interviews to gather information from ...Read More

How to Write a Research Question: Types, Steps, and Examples

Most, if not all, studies and research start with formulating a research question. Unfortunately, researchers can face difficulties in trying to convert what they see as legitimate, relevant issues into sound research questions (Doody & Bailey, 2016). Additionally, despite the importance of ...Read More

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper: Steps and Examples

Research takes on many forms but many academic essays, papers, and research projects have one thing in common: a thesis statement. The thesis statement is made up of one or two sentences that concisely summarize the main points or arguments of a ...Read More

How to Write Research Methodology: Overview, Tips, and Techniques

According to Goddard and Melville (2001, p.1), research goes beyond the process of gathering information; rather, it is also about finding answers to unanswered questions as part of discovering and/or creating new knowledge. And in order for this newly discovered or created ...Read More

How To Cite a Research Paper: Citation Styles Guide

Citing your sources is an important practice when it comes to any type of publishing. In academic research, it is standardized by many bodies. And, publication venues like journals and conferences are quite strict about their formats. Thus, it is best for ...Read More

Military Science Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

A military science degree is a good stepping stone towards building a career in the military, whether in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Military science degree programs give students insights into military tactics, history, and interests. Aside from military-focused topics, such ...Read More

Hospitality and Tourism Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the hospitality and tourism industry was among those that were hit hardest. The sector basically grounded to a halt because hotels, restaurants, events, and other related businesses closed, some for good. This is in contrast to the ...Read More

Logistics Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

In 2020, ecommerce companies posted a 25% increase in global deliveries. This was fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which had people staying indoors and relying on deliveries for their needs. This upbeat demand is expected to remain a trend beyond the pandemic. ...Read More

Best Online Degrees: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in many sectors, including education. Online distance learning has been around for quite some time. In fact, online education statistics show that about 36.3% of undergraduate students in the United States were enrolled in at ...Read More

Best Online Software Engineering Degrees: Guide to Online Graduate Programs for 2021

The continuous clamor for new software, ever-changing code, and difficulties in present-time computing may result in an increased demand for software engineers in the years to come. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be a 22% ...Read More

Business Management Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

A career in business management can be lucrative. It can also be pretty interesting and thrilling, especially on the edge of innovation. Good managers are valued in any business, non-profit work, and government. That is why business management graduates can get jobs ...Read More

Business Administration Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

Students who study business administration often start with a bachelor’s degree. Based on their career development plan, they might go on to pursue postgraduate studies, enrolling in a master’s and even a doctoral program. The core skills you will need to succeed ...Read More

Public Relations Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

A public relations (PR) degree revolves around feasible approaches and theoretical frameworks for managing the public images of individuals, private businesses, and organizations. A career in PR is right for you if you are a highly driven individual who wishes to see ...Read More

Best Online Master’s Degrees in Project Management: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Globally, there is a huge gap between the demand for project managers and the number of talents available to take on the challenge. It is estimated that by 2030, the global economy will need 25 million project management professionals. To close the ...Read More

Information Systems Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

Rapid technological advancements and the explosion in the use of devices have made individuals and businesses reliant on IT systems for their day-to-day operations. Thus, there is a need for individuals to work in this space to make sure that technological tools ...Read More

Journalism Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

For people passionate about getting the truth out, a journalism degree is a good fit. Journalism programs equip students with the right skills to communicate stories, ideas, and viewpoints across a wide variety of media. These range from traditional tri-media to digital ...Read More

Computer Science Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

In the academic period 2017-18, the number of degrees conferred in the field of computer science was 79,598. More than 40 years earlier, in the academic year 1970-71, only 2,388 individuals received a degree in computer science (NCES, 2020). This increase in ...Read More

Best Online Bachelor’s Software Engineering Degrees: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Studying for a software engineering degree lets one enjoy a lucrative career that is highly in demand. For starters, surveys show that a software engineer in the United States can earn an average of $107,264 per year (Indeed, 2021). Meanwhile, according to ...Read More

What is Mastery Learning Model? Definition, Principles, and Examples

You may have encountered people who graduated high school but do not write well and cannot do even basic algebra, and you may have thought to yourself “how is that possible?” While it may be difficult to believe, a number of students ...Read More

Psychology Careers: 2021 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

Wondering what you can do with your psychology degree? Psychology covers a variety of disciplines and a psychology career path is one that can lead to exciting jobs not just in the healthcare sector but also in other fields, such as communication, education, ...Read More

Best Online Computer Programming Bachelor’s Degree: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

The increasingly tech-driven nature of the modern world has resulted in an increased demand for individuals who can understand computers, networks, and other aspects of technology (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020). So, it is not surprising that the availability of traditional and ...Read More

Economics Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

Studying for an economics degree at a higher educational institution opens up a rich perspective of the historical events and current affairs that contribute to how society functions. In particular, it confers students with a deep understanding of how finite resources should ...Read More

Engineering Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

With an engineering degree, you can enter the fields of astronomy, agriculture, medicine, chemistry, transportation, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), engineering occupations are expected to have a 3% increase from 2019 to 2029 (BLS, 2021). Students planning to ...Read More

What is General Education? Definition, Requirements & A List of Courses

College students perceive general education courses usually as nothing but a requirement that they need to fulfill (Vander Schee, 2011). But this mentality results in students not seeing the importance of these courses in their chosen academic major. This in turn encourages ...Read More

Best Online Master’s Degree In Data Science: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

A multidisciplinary field, data science has been getting popular in various industries and sectors. Data science techniques are now being used in a wide variety of fields—from business management to theoretical science. And, it is in high demand today. Also, it pays well. ...Read More

Finance Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

Holding a finance degree can open a student’s career path in public, corporate, nonprofit, and personal industries. Among the responsibilities they would encounter in their roles are financial planning, investment management, and insurance management. Other career paths outside of the scope of ...Read More

Marketing Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

As long as there are businesses and customers, there will be a demand for marketing professionals. Marketing degree programs aim to help students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to confidently work in a variety of marketing roles at different stages ...Read More

Flipped Classroom Model Guide: Method Definition, Benefits & Examples

These days, when turning traditional concepts and ideas upside down are considered “revolutionary” and are perceived to help make certain subjects more interesting, the idea of “flipping” the classroom may not seem a strange idea to some. But what exactly is a ...Read More

Best Online Cyber Security Degrees: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Cyber attacks are increasing—there are 2,244 attacks on average per day in the United States alone. Forty-three percent of these targets are small businesses and 60% shutter their doors within six months as a result of an attack (axionadmin, 2021). Without professional cybersecurity ...Read More

How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace & Those Working from Home

A motivated workforce works happily, is always prepared to face challenges, and is driven to obtain favorable outcomes for the company. However, motivation is something that cannot be forced on employees. A Gallup survey on re-engineering performance management discloses that only 2 ...Read More

What is PMO in Project Management? A Guide to PMO Role, Types & Measuring Success

In project management, one particular acronym that has been getting a lot of buzz and attention is the PMO. (Genius, 2015) But not many know about it—what is PMO in project management and why is it considered such an important component? PMO ...Read More

80 Icebreaker Questions for Work, College and High School Students

Meeting or activity facilitators normally include icebreaker questions in their programs to introduce agendas. These questions aim to let participants have fun, connect with others, and gain confidence during the actual task (Hill, 2021). In “The Taming of the Shrew,” literary icon William ...Read More

Types of College Degrees: Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctorate

A college degree is an important requirement for a person to gain employment. But as for the type of employment and where one can find it, that will depend on the particular college degree that one holds. Each type of college degree ...Read More

What is an Agile Team? Definition, Frameworks, and How to Build a Team

The agile methodology may have come from the software development world, but it has been widely recognized and adopted by other industries (Poepsel, 2019).  Mission Bell Winery, which focuses on wine production, and jet manufacturer Saab both implement agile (Rigby,, 2016). ...Read More