EasyChair : Tutorial of how to request an installation for Conference Management System

  in News & Events, Research Blog, Tutorials   Posted on January 4, 2016

EasyChair is one of the most popular online system for managing paper submissions and reviewing for academic conferences. To get started  using EasyChair.

1. You may need to have an account with them first. Click on the Signup link at the top or you can login directly to your account if you already have account as shown below:


2. To login, enter your email and password and click : log in.


3. Once logged in, On the EasyChair top menu, Select : New installation request.


4.  Make sure you fill in all the required information. There must be a minimal website setup for the event. Enter the website for the conference as shown in the image below:


5. Check the legal agreement box


6. If all required information are filled in, Click the button Send Request.