Synchrotron Radiation for Characterisation of Semiconductors

  in Special Issue   Posted on December 28, 2016

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Submission Deadline: Wed 31 May 2017
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Journal Name : Semiconductor Science and Technology
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Electronic and opto-electronic semiconductor devices require increasingly detailed control of the structural and electronic properties of the semiconductor materials on decreasing length scales. Synchrotron sources provide high intensity, highly polarised and focussed x-ray beams with a tuneable wavelength and well defined time structure that enable characterisation of the semiconductor materials and devices to the desired precision and with high spatio-temporal resolution.

This special issue invites papers on the use or development of synchrotron based characterisation techniques for the study of semiconductor bulk and thin film materials and devices as well as nano- and hetero-structures and 2D materials. Materials include group IV (incl. binary alloys), III-V and II-VI semiconductors (incl. ternary compounds) as well as polymeric semiconductors and chalcogenides. Techniques include x-ray absorption, soft x-ray and IR spectroscopy, x-ray small and wide-angle scattering, x-ray fluorescence and x-ray microscopy.

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