Soft methods in probability and statistics

  in Special Issue   Posted on December 28, 2016

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Probability and statistics were the only well-founded theories of uncertainty for a long time. However, during the last fifty years, in such areas like decision theory, artificial intelligence or information processing numerous approaches extending or orthogonal to the existing theory of probability and mathematical statistics have been successfully developed. These new approaches have appeared, either on their own like fuzzy set theory, possibility theory, rough sets, or having their origin in probability theory itself, like imprecise probability, belief functions, fuzzy random variables. The common feature of all those attempts is to allow for a more flexible modelling of imprecision, uncertainty, vagueness and ignorance. The proposed new methods are softer than the traditional theories and techniques because being less rigid they more easily adapt to the actual nature of information.

This special issue focuses on recent advances in soft methods in probability and statistics, enlarging the statistical and uncertainty modelling traditions towards a flexible and more specific handling of incomplete or subjective information.

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