Social Networks Security

  in Special Issue   Posted on August 28, 2015

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Submission Deadline: Thu 31 Dec 2015
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Journal Name : IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
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The emerging paradigm of social networks provides enormous novel approaches for efficiently adopting advanced networking communications and data analysis schemas using the existing datasets, networks, and infrastructures. The implementation of social networks has a great impact on humans’ daily life and global business, which has been addressed by recent research. However, the security issue is also a critical concern when adopting social networking technologies in practice. Considering the uniqueness of the social networks, using the mechanism is encountering a variety of security challenges from multiple dimensions, such as mobile apps, wireless communications, cloud systems, big data, and security operations. Compared with traditional security issues, the applications of social networks are operated in a dynamic circumstance involving different internal and external inputs or elements, which requires various security mechanisms in distinct operational scenarios. The complexity of the technical implementations may result in unexpected consequences when adopting social networking technologies. It is remarkably significant for current researchers and practitioners to address the security issues and seek out the efficient approaches to different hazards. For the purpose of preventing social networking- based solutions from the threats of social networks, a variety of cyber security approaches or mechanism have been created. This special issue will concentrates on the challenging topic – “Social Networks Security” and aims to invite the updated academic achievements to be submitted here.

This special issue calls for original, high-quality, high-impact research papers related to the following broad topics, but are not limited to:

Security threats in new paradigms for social network

Secure social network architecture with big data

Secure mobile social network architecture

Privacy protection in social networks

Security in virtualized social networks

Detection of security related anomalies

Digital forensics in social networks

Secure social networking applications with big data

Advanced persistent threats in social networks

Security design for social networks in big data

Emergence response mechanism for social networks

Models, methods, and tools for testing social networks security

Trust and identity management in social networking applications

Risk analysis and data governance in social networks

Social networking security in cloud systems

Social network hacking and virus protections

Wearable cyber physical systems adopting social networks

Next generation security technology in social networks

Spam problems in social networks

Malicious information propagation in social networks

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