Perceptually Driven Visual Information Analysis

  in Special Issue   Posted on July 17, 2016

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The field of visual information analysis is more active than ever because of the large availability of visual content in both personal and professional contexts. The targeted applications are numerous, including medical imaging, security, manufacturing, etc. Algorithms are often expected to be computationally plausible, feasible, and reliable. However, in recent years, perception has become an important aspect when developing imaging solutions. It has been proven that the incorporation of perceptual models helps in achieving better results. To this end, several perceptually inspired models have been proposed for visual saliency prediction, visual masking, contrast sensitivity, and binocular fusion, to name a few.

This special section aims at providing the most recent developments in the field of visual information analysis using perceptually driven or inspired algorithms. The topics of this special section are oriented towards the use of perceptual models/optimization in the framework of (but not limited to):

Image and video compression
3-D scene reconstruction and understanding
Quality assessment and enhancement
Image and video retrieval
Segmentation and pattern recognition
Multimedia content transmission
Computational color imaging
Computational complexity reduction
Applications (security, medical imaging, manufacturing, video, etc.).