Paradigm Shift in the Field of Information

  in Special Issue   Posted on June 4, 2020

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TopicsofInterestBased on a survey study (Tang, Mehra, Du, & Zhao, 2019b),which collected data from 639 respondents from 59 countries, who self-identified as practitioners, academics,and students in the field of information, we developed a set of topicsforthisspecialissue. These topicsinclude,butarenotlimited to,paradigm discussion in the areas of:•Historical Evolution of ParadigmShifts in the Field of Information•Theoretical Paradigms•Practice-Based and Outcome-DrivenParadigms•Methodological Paradigms•Technology Impact on Paradigm Shift•Social, Cultural,and Community Oriented Paradigms•Multi-view Integrated Paradigms•Data Driven Paradigms•Critical Perspectives, Social Justice, and Advocacy•Diversity, Equity and Inclusion•Cross-and Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives on Paradigm Shift in the Field of Information