Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G Systems

Posted on December 24, 2016 in Special Issue
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Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G Systems

Fri 27 Jan 2017
Journal Name : IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
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This special issue will provide a forum for the latest research and innovations in NOMA technologies as well as their applications, and will bridge the gap between theory and practice in the design of 5G multiple access. Prospective authors are invited to submit original manuscripts on topics including, but not limited to:

Fundamental limits and performance analysis of NOMA
Different variants of NOMA
Channel coding and modulation for NOMA
MIMO techniques for NOMA
Cognitive networking with NOMA
Security provisioning in NOMA
Cross-layer design and optimization for NOMA
Emerging applications of NOMA
Hardware implementations of NOMA

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