Next Generation Intelligent Maritime Grids

Posted on December 24, 2016 in Special Issue
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Next Generation Intelligent Maritime Grids

Sun 30 Apr 2017
Journal Name : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
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Guest Editors: Josep M. Guerrero, Amjad Anvari

Topics of interest include (but are not
limited to):
• Onshore/Onboard smart microgrids
• IMG automation and optimization
• New hybrid technologies for the control of complex IMGs
• State-of-the-art protection systems and technologies for AC
and DC IMGs
• Resilient, sustainable and green maritime grids
• Knowledge-based energy/power management systems
• Intelligent ports/terminal design and control
• Automated vessel’s handling systems
• IMGs interoperability and human machine interfaces
• Integrated ICT and ITS solutions for higher sustainability,
safety and security
• Internet of things (IoT)-based infrastructures for IMGs
operation management and control
• Cyber security and risk management
• Big Data, analysis and intelligence to drive efficiencies and
profits for IMGs

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