IT-support for the development and integration of Cyber Physical System in industry

  in Special Issue   Posted on September 4, 2015

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Submission Deadline: Mon 30 Nov 2015
Journal Impact Factor : 2.691
Journal Name : Computers in Industry
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P. Hehenberger
Institute of Mechatronic Design and Production
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

B. Eynard
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France

Today, time-to-market and rapid product development are very important aspects of innovation processes. The evolution of the corresponding market requirements and technical possibilities during the past few years have profoundly modified the designer’s way of thinking and operating in all phases of product development. Major challenges in developing cyber physical systems are the increasing function density and complexity of such products, and the difficulty of defining a suitable design processes with adequate PLM support.

This special issue aims at an integrated design methodology for CPS, where modelling and simulation are key issues. Simulations are producing information of the design problem. This may improve product knowledge and potentially also the quality of many analyses and decisions. In this context different design models may be needed, which fit in a collaborating architecture. Accordingly, inter-operability between different design tools is very important, which may require modular model architecture.

This special issue invites authors to contribute to the above topics and demonstrate applicability by empirical validation efforts reporting on success or failure regarding innovative design, flexibility, speed and assistance in non-routine design questions. The submitted papers should not be merely theoretical in nature. They should clearly demonstrate real-life applicability, and preferably, should incorporate a case study that validates the proposed methodology.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Mechatronic Systems and CPS
CAx and PLM support for CPS-design
Integration of CPS in extended and virtual enterprises
CPS for Advanced Production Systems and Smart Manufacturing
Information and Knowledge Management in CPS-Modelling and simulation
Common Languages and Interfaces Management
Intelligent Technical Systems and Smart Products
Social-Cyber-Physical Systems

The main objective of this Special Issue is to collect and consolidate high-quality knowledge on state of the art research in methods and their applications in industrial (enterprise) activities (e.g. SMEs).

Submission Procedure and timeline

Authors are requested to email an extended abstract (in pdf format) of a maximum of 1000 words to Peter Hehenberger and Benoit Eynard before 1st of August, 2015. Important note: This abstract should contain the tentative title of the paper, the authors list (with the corresponding author identified). The main contribution and the results must be pointed out.
Authors will be informed by email if their abstracts are accepted or not by end-August, 2015.
Accepted authors are required to submit their full papers via the journal’s submission system available at and authors are invited to take care when submitting their paper, to select this special issue; The deadline for full paper submission is 30th of November, 2015. Important note: submissions via email or any other means are not allowed.
Authors will be informed of the results of the first round of revision by February 15th, 2016. Important note: at this stage, only high quality papers that require limited (minor) modifications will be considered for publication to meet the deadlines.
Selected authors may have to re-submit a revised version of their articles by the end of March, 2016
Authors will be informed of the final decisions by May 15th, 2016.
Expected publication date: August 2016.

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