Hybrid Analog – Digital Signal Processing for Hardware-Efficient Large Scale Antenna Arrays

  in Special Issue   Posted on August 17, 2017

Information for the Special Issue

Special Issue Call for Papers:

Fundamental limits of communication by hybrid AD architectures;
Hybrid AD signal processing techniques for large scale MIMO systems;
Signal processing techniques robust to low-specification RF components and hardware imperfections;
Reduced RF chain implementations through parasitic arrays and load modulated MIMO;
Adaptive transmission / reception techniques for parasitic, reflect, phased, load modulated and other
hybrid massive antenna array structures
Channel modelling for hybrid AD large scale antenna systems;
Studies and optimization of antenna topologies for massive MIMO deployment with hybrid AD
Efficient channel state information (CSI) acquisition techniques for hybrid AD transmission;
Beamspace MIMO transmission;
Distributed multi-cell hybrid AD transmission;
Novel applications of hybrid AD signal processing, including security, energy harvesting, IoT among
Hybrid RF antenna arrays for K, V, W and mmWave frequency bands, including wideband designs;

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