Human Behavior Analysis \”in-the-wild\”

Posted on December 24, 2016 in Special Issue
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Human Behavior Analysis \"in-the-wild\"

Sun 15 Jan 2017
Journal Name : IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing
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This special issue addresses the need to bring together leading efforts in human behavior analysis in the wild. We seek advances in databases and algorithms for human behavior understanding in
diverse contexts beyond the laboratory. We seek the full range of modalities, social signals, and
levels of analysis. We are especially interested in efforts that consider the “packaging” of
multimodal signals and interpersonal accommodation or coordination. Modalities include facial
expression, body movement and gesture from video; acoustics and prosody from audio; wearable
sensors; and infrared imaging. This special issue will present advances in databases, algorithms,
benchmarks, and findings in support of the next generation of affective computing.