Articial Intelligence for Internet of Things (IoT) Systems

  in Special Issue   Posted on June 27, 2019

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Submission Deadline: Thu 15 Aug 2019
Journal Impact Factor : 1.595
Journal Name : Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments
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In the last a few years, computing for smart environments, such as smart cities, smart homes, smart transportation, etc. has become a major trend in computing. The emergence of new techniques and applications of intelligent sensor-based processing has largely benefited the modern intelligent smart systems. Moreover, cognitive learning and brain inspired computing and other advanced artificial intelligence techniques that have been successfully employed in various areas of robotics, knowledge discovery, big data and other ICT domains, can accomplish impressive results in in-demand fields of computing such as smart environments, internet of things, etc.

The scope of this special issue is the application of learning and intelligent techniques and algorithms to design and solve existing problems of IoT based smart systems. These techniques might include, but not limited to:
Cognitive learning for IoT systems
Statistical learning for IoT systems
Deep learning for IoT systems
Reinforced learning for IoT systems
Fuzzy logic for IoT systems
Decision Trees for IoT systems
Artificial Neural Networks for IoT systems
Ontology based IoT systems
Multimedia learning for IoT systems
Machine learning for Industrial IoT systems
Machine learning for Blockchain IoT systems