Advances in Multimodal/multivariate Image processing and analysis

  in Special Issue   Posted on June 6, 2018

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Imaging systems and their related processing and analysis tools are becoming widespread and turn to
be essential tools in various fields. These systems exploit a variety of physical phenomena at different
scales and generate local measures or maps in the form of images. Each of these measures/images
reflects a particular aspect of the acquired object. However, in order to properly characterize complex
objects such as natural objects that have a multidimensional (physical/biological and / or perceptual)
nature, it is necessary to combine multi-source acquisitions also called multimodal. This is indeed a
trend currently of integrating various imaging modalities in the same system or at least combining
data from different modalities for the same object. As a result, multimodal acquisitions generate
heterogeneous and multivariate data that need adaptation of the conventional tools of representation,
processing and analysis to be exploitable for different applications.
The purpose of this special issue is select the best papers of ICISP 2018 on this specific topic to timely
address the challenges in multimodal/multivariate image representation, processing and analysis for
solving challenging applications.

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