Advanced Multimodal Interaction Techniques and Users Interfaces for Serious Games and Virtual Environments

  in Special Issue   Posted on June 27, 2019

Information for the Special Issue

Special Issue Call for Papers:

Full submissions should be between 10-18 pages and must have at least 40% new material. Authors are requested to follow instructions for manuscript submission to the Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces ( and to submit manuscripts at the following link: The article type to be selected is “Special Issue S.I. : SI-VS-GAMES”.

The aim of this special issue is to address, but not limited to, a niche area of advanced multimodal human computer interaction and user interfaces in the following areas:
Affective and emotional interfaces
Augmented reality interaction and interfaces
Bio-feedback approaches
Brain computer interfaces
Eye tracking
Intelligent multimodal interfaces
Multimedia serious games and virtual environments
Multimodal designs and approaches
Multimodal tangible interfaces
Perception studies for interaction
Perceptual studies
Pervasive interactions
Physiological interfaces
Speech interfaces
User-centric design for multimodal interactions
Virtual reality interaction and interfaces
Wearable computing interfaces

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