Smart Health

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

This journal focuses on research topics pertaining to devices, sensing, computing and communication technologies, software/hardware modeling and system architectures towards Personalized, Pervasive, Participatory, Predictive, Preventive, Programmable and Perpetual (P7) Healthcare. This will be an interdisciplinary journal which would publish high-quality papers from researchers of various disciplines including medicine, computer science and engineering and bio and electrical engineering. Papers covering all aspects of P7 Healthcare including innovative technology, clinical studies of efficacy of existing technology, and analytical studies are in this journal.P7 Healthcare Models: E-healthcare M-healthcare Telehealth, Telemedicine Cybermedicine Mobile/Wireless/Pervasive/Proactive/Personalized Healthcare P7 Platforms and Technologies: Home Health Platforms Cell-phone based monitoring systems Remote/ Non-invasive Biomonitoring Wireless Medicine Wearable health system Body area networks (BANs)/Body Sensor Networks (BSNs) Nano medicine Smart medical DevicesP7 Methods Non-invasive physiological monitoring Reliable Biosensing HCI , Intuitive Interfaces for Children and the Elderly Privacy/Security/Access Control Protocols Wireless communication P7 IT/Software-Hardware: Formal Methods for ensuring safety, security of medical devices Interoperable Security Model Based Engineering Metrics, Performance Analysis methods and tools Powering, Energy Management/Scavenging, Sustainability Modeling techniques: cyber-physical, hybrid models System Software, Middelware, OS, Networking Medical device control system design, verification of control algorithms P7 Patient Care Outcomes: Health Data Privacy Improving Access and Quality Cost-effectiveness Reducing Medical…

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