Parallel Processing Letters

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Parallel Processing Letters (PPL) aims to rapidly disseminate results on a worldwide basis in the field of parallel processing in the form of short papers. It fills the need for an information vehicle which can convey recent achievements and further the exchange of scientific information in the field. This journal has a wide scope and topics covered include:design and analysis of parallel and distributed algorithmstheory of parallel computationparallel programming languagesparallel programming environmentsparallel architectures and VLSI circuitsunconventional computational problems (e.g., time-varying variables, interacting variables, time-varying complexity)unconventional computational paradigms (e.g., biomolecular computing, chemical computing, quantum computing)computing in nature (e.g., decision making in plant and animal groups and populations, bacterial communication, intra-cellular information processing)nature-inspired algorithms (e.g., genetic algorithms, neural networks, swarm intelligence)Letters of high scientific quality containing original results will be published. Experimental results are also welcome for publication if they contain an analysis corresponding to an abstract model of computation.

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