Parallel Computing

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Aims & Scope of the Journal

Parallel Computing is an international journal presenting the practical use of parallel computer systems, including high performance architecture, system software, programming systems and tools, and applications. Within this context the journal covers all aspects of high-end parallel computing that use multiple nodes and/or multiple accelerators (e.g., GPUs).

Parallel Computing features original research work, tutorial and review articles as well as novel or illustrative accounts of application experience with (and techniques for) the use of parallel computers. We also welcome studies reproducing prior publications that either confirm or disprove prior published results. Contributions can cover these technical areas:

  • System software for parallel computer systems including programming languages (new languages as well as compilation techniques), operating systems (including middleware), and resource management (scheduling and load-balancing).
  • Enabling software including debuggers, performance tools, and system and numeric libraries.
  • General hardware (architecture) concepts, new technologies enabling the realization of such new concepts, and details of commercially available systems
  • Software engineering and productivity as it relates to parallel computing
  • Application or tool case studies demonstrating novel ways to achieve parallelism
  • Performance measurement results on state-of-the-art systems
  • Approaches to effectively utilize large-scale parallel computing including new algorithms or algorithm analysis with demonstrated relevance to real applications using existing or next generation parallel computer architectures.
  • Parallel I/O systems both hardware and software
  • Networking technology for support of high-speed computing demonstrating the impact of high-speed computation on parallel applications

Please note, we generally do not publish papers about single GPU or single node (typically one address space) systems.

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