MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

The MIS Quarterly’s trifecta vision is to (1) achieve impact on scholarship and practice as the leading source of novel and accreted IS knowledge, (2) exhibit range in work published with respect to problem domains and stakeholders addressed as well as theoretical and methodological approaches used, and (3) execute effective editorial processes in a timely manner. Authors can learn more about MISQ‘s trifecta vision by reading the following editorial: The MIS Quarterly Trifecta: Impact, Range, Speed MISQ Expectations on Contribution Regardless of whether an IS researcher’s attention to a problem originates in the practical world or a theoretical domain or some combination, the researcher needs to surface why answering the question will matter. A necessary condition for publication in MISQ is that the answer to a research question needs to make a significant scholarly contribution to the IS discipline. Practical utility, where the work makes or has the potential to make a broader impact on business and society, is a highly desirable characteristic of work targeted at MISQ—it complements, but does not substitute for, the scholarly contribution of the work. Aesthetics, arising from the “powerful simplicity” of the answer—be it mathematical or qualitative, can be an important differentiator of the…

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