Journal of Spatial Information Science

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

The Journal of Spatial Information Science (JOSIS) is an international, interdisciplinary, open-access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality, original research articles in spatial information science. The journal aims to publish research spanning the theoretical foundations of spatial and geographical information science, through computation with geospatial information, to technologies for geographical information use.JOSIS encourages submissions from topics including, but not limited to spatial and spatiotemporal information systems; computational geometry, geocomputation, spatial algorithms; geovisualization, cartography, and geographical user interfaces; computing with spatiotemporal information under uncertainty; spatial cognition and qualitative spatial reasoning; spatial data models and structures; conceptual models of space and geoontology; distributed and parallel spatial computing, web-based GIS, and interoperability; context- and location-aware computing; and applications to GIS, spatial databases, location-based services, geosensor networks, and geosensor web. The journal publishes full-length original research articles, as well as survey-style review papers. In addition, the journal publishes shorter articles in three sections: reports from community activities, letters to the editors, and book reviews.

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