Journal of Learning Analytics

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Topics of interest to the Journal of Learning Analytics include, but are not limited to, the following:Educational Perspectives: Use of analytics to test, expand, refine or generate learning theory; learner and knowledge-state modeling; development of data-based indicators of productive / unproductive learning processes; trajectories of cognitive, social, and/or affective dimensions of learning; personalization and adaptation in the learning process; development of learner or instructor-facing feedback systems; changes to educational practices when analytics are introduced.Computational Perspectives: Development or application of data mining and machine learning techniques to address questions of learning; use of text mining and natural language processing to assess learning processes and outcomes; capture and analysis of multi-modal learning data; advancement of network analytics to provide insight into learning communities; construction of recommendation engines; utilization of linked data; development of data or analytic frameworks.Information and Sensemaking Perspectives: Information visualization and representation for various stakeholder groups (learners, instructors, designers administrators); data and multimedia literacy; user motivation and experience; support for interpretation, decision-making and action based on analytics; socio-cultural practices of learning data and learning analytics use.Institutional and Societal Perspectives: Policy issues (at the institutional, national and international levels); ethical issues related to privacy, transparency and accountability; data stewardship issues; organizational…

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