Journal of Knowledge Management

  in Journal   Posted on August 28, 2020

The Journal of Knowledge Management is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the exchange of the latest academic research and practical information on all aspects of managing knowledge in organizations. The journal publishes original research and case studies by academic, business and government contributors on strategies, tools, techniques and technologies for Knowledge Management. The focus of this journal is on the identification of innovative Knowledge Management strategies and the application of theoretical concepts to real-world situations.

The Journal of Knowledge Management covers all the key issues in its field including:
Developing an appropriate culture and communication strategy
Integrating learning and knowledge infrastructure
Knowledge management and the learning organization
Information organization and retrieval technologies for improving the quality of knowledge
Linking knowledge management to performance initiatives
Retaining knowledge – human and intellectual capital
Using information technology to develop knowledge management
Knowledge management and innovation
Measuring the value of knowledge already within an organization
What lies beyond knowledge management?

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