Journal of Hydroinformatics

  in Journal   Posted on August 18, 2020

Journal of Hydroinformatics is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the application of information technology in the widest sense to problems of the aquatic environment. It promotes Hydroinformatics as a cross-disciplinary field of study, combining technological, human-sociological and more general environmental interests, including an ethical perspective.

Contributions will be published in the following areas:

Physically-based simulation modelling
Numerical methods
Data-driven modelling and management
Artificial neural networks
Evolutionary methods
Cellular automata
Modelling systems
Geographic information systems (GIS) and virtual imaging
Ecology and water quality modelling
Environmental impact assessment
Knowledge engineering and management
Socio-economic framework
Intelligent decision support, negotiation and management
Education and training
Internet-based applications
Optimisation and control
Risk analysis, fuzzy logic and management of uncertainty
Tools, environments and languages

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