Journal of Computer Languages

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Following the merger of Computer Languages, Systems and Structures with the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing in 2018, we are excited to present the Journal of Computer Languages, a single publication which covers all areas of computer languages.The Journal of Computer Languages (COLA) welcomes papers on all aspects of the design, implementation, and use of computer languages (specification, modelling, programming; textual or visual) and human-centric computing, from theory to practice. Most papers describe original technical research, but the journal also welcome empirical studies and survey articles.Current research areas for the Journal of Computer Languages include:Block-based languagesCognitive, perceptive and motoric systems and models Compilers and interpretersComputational thinkingDesign and development of concurrent, distributed, parallel, quantum and sequential languagesDomain-specific languages End-user developmentGenerative approaches, meta-programming, meta-modellingHuman aspects and psychology of designing languagesInformation visualizationInteraction models and languagesLocation-based data and processesLanguage design and implementationLanguage-based securityLanguage evolution, integration, composition, and coordinationLanguage product linesLanguage workbenches, meta-languages and development frameworksLanguages, models, and frameworks for visual analyticsLanguages for large-scale scientific computingLanguages for software specification and verificationLibraries, run-time environments and language ecosystemsModelling and programming languagesModularity and extensibility of language specifications and programmingParallel/distributed/neural computing and representations for visual information processingPattern languagesPictorial systems and languagesProgram analysis and optimizationProgram comprehensionProgram visualization and animationProgramming…

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