Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design

  in Journal   Posted on September 8, 2020

The Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design provides a form for disseminating information on both the theory and the application of computer-based methods in the analysis and design of molecules. The scope of the journal encompasses papers which report new and original research and applications in the following areas:

theoretical chemistry;
computational chemistry;
computer and molecular graphics;
molecular modeling;
protein engineering;
drug design;
expert systems;
general structure-property relationships;
molecular dynamics;
chemical database development and usage.

Contributions on computer-aided molecular modeling studies in pharmaceutical, polymer, materials and surface sciences, as well as other molecular-based disciplines, are particularly welcome.

As of Volume 15, a number of issues per volume will be dedicated to Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design and from time to time overviews will be included in `regular’ JCAMD issues. Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design was established to publish succinct overviews of current developments in the multidisciplinary area of drug discovery and design.

The intended scope of Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design is greater than that of specialty journals and draws from fields both central and supplementary to those of drug discovery and design. In each thematic issue invited experts provide recent developments, highlight opportunities and indicate current limitations concerning the use of computers in drug discovery and design.

Articles are by invitation only from guest editors chosen for their overall expertise in the area, and are refereed in order to ensure the highest quality and breadth of coverage.

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