Journal of Complex Networks

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Journal of Complex Networks publishes original articles and reviews with a significant contribution to the analysis and understanding of complex networks and its applications in diverse fields. Complex networks are loosely defined as networks with nontrivial topology and dynamics, which appear as the skeletons of complex systems in the real-world. The journal covers everything from the basic mathematical, physical and computational principles needed for studying complex networks to their applications leading to predictive models in molecular, biological, ecological, informational, engineering, social, technological and other systems.It includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:Mathematical and numerical analysis of networksNetwork theory and computer sciencesStructural analysis of networksDynamics on networksPhysical models on networksNetworks and epidemiologySocial, socio-economic and political networksEcological networksTechnological and infrastructural networksBrain and tissue networksBiological and molecular networksSpatial networksTechno-social networks i.e. online social networks, social networking sites, social mediaOther applications of networksEvolving networksMultilayer networksGame theory on networksBiomedicine related networksAnimal social networksClimate networksCognitive, language and informational networks

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