International Journal of Image and Data Fusion

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Free online access: Inaugural issue International Journal of Image and Data Fusion provides a single source of information for all aspects of image and data fusion methodologies, developments, techniques and applications. Image and data fusion techniques are important for combining the many sources of satellite, airborne and ground based imaging systems, and integrating these with other related data sets for enhanced information extraction and decision making. Image and data fusion aims at the integration of multi-sensor, multi-temporal, multi-resolution and multi-platform image data, together with geospatial data, GIS, in-situ, and other statistical data sets for improved information extraction, as well as to increase the reliability of the information. This leads to more accurate information that provides for robust operational performance, i.e. increased confidence, reduced ambiguity and improved classification enabling evidence based management. This journal focuses on the theory, methodology and applications of image and data fusion from SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data, LiDAR data and all types of optical images. It also encourages submission on a broad range of topics such as concept studies, new fusion techniques at different processing level, image and data fusion architectures, algorithms, and novel applications. Papers addressing fusion needs for data from new or planned platforms…

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