International Journal of Humanoid Robotics

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Aims & Scope of the Journal

The International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (IJHR) covers all subjects on the mind and body of humanoid robots. It is dedicated to advancing new theories, new techniques, and new implementations contributing to the successful achievement of future robots which not only imitate human beings, but also serve human beings. While IJHR encourages the contribution of original papers which are solidly grounded on proven theories or experimental procedures, the journal also encourages the contribution of innovative papers which venture into the new, frontier areas in robotics. Such papers need not necessarily demonstrate, in the early stages of research and development, the full potential of new findings on a physical or virtual robot.

IJHR welcomes original papers in the following categories:

Research papers, which disseminate scientific findings contributing to solving technical issues underlying the development of humanoid robots, or biologically-inspired robots, having multiple functionality related to either physical capabilities (i.e. motion) or mental capabilities (i.e. intelligence)
Review articles, which describe, in non-technical terms, the latest in basic theories, principles, and algorithmic solutions
Short articles (e.g. feature articles and dialogues), which discuss the latest significant achievements and the future trends in robotics R&D
Papers on curriculum development in humanoid robot education
Book reviews

IJHR disseminates, in a timely manner, the latest advancements in the development and application of new theories, new techniques, and new implementations relevant to humanoid robotics, or biologically-inspired robots, to a wide audience of professionals. More specifically, this journal serves as an excellent resource of information for:

Engineering-scientists and specialists in Intelligent and Cognitive Robotics, Cognitive Science, Artificial Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics
Corporate executives, government officers, educators, students, and all those with an interest in enabling technology and promising applications made possible by advanced robots, such as humanoid robots

IJHR suits all researchers in the areas of Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Engineering, Artificial Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence. In particular, the areas it covers include, but are not limited to:

Design, Mechanism and Body
Design, Mental Architecture and Mind
Design, Algorithms and Software Tools
Kinematics and Planning
Dynamics, Control and Simulation
Robot Learning and Mental Development
Visual Perception, Cognition and Recognition
Auditory Perception, Cognition and Recognition
Language, Communication and Programming
Human–Robot Interaction, Tele-operation and Telexistence
Biped Walking, Locomotion and Navigation
Grasping and Manipulation
Robot Cooperation, Personality and Emotion
Robot Hardware and Electronics
Special Robots
Special Applications

IJHR welcomes new areas of research and development relevant to humanoid robots, not included in the above list.

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