International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

The International Journal of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (IJDAI) is a specialized journal that publishes high-quality research in all fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Distributed Artificial Intelligence is a subfield of AI concerned with coordinated, concurrent action, decision-making, and problem-solving. This journal not only emphasis on Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), but it also concerned with other fields of artificial intelligence as real-world problems. In general, it is also covers novel ideas in emerging fields that unlimitedly include: Expert Systems, Multi-robot systems, Intelligent Mechatronic Applications, Natural Language Processing, Neural networks, Fuzzy Systems, Intelligent control systems, optimization techniques, intelligent robotic systems and path planning, learning systems, Heuristic and Metaheuristic methods. This journal turns in abroad scope of AI Fields theoretically and practically by encouraging scientists from different areas of science as well as researchers from various fields studying similar concepts. IJDAI publishes scientific research articles, reviews, technical reports, patent alerts, and case studies on the recent advances of new AI methodologies and techniques.Topics CoveredAgent Environments, Languages, Models and ArchitecturesAgent-Based Data Mining and Agent-Oriented Software EngineeringAgent-Based Modeling and SimulationAgent-Based Social Simulation and Organizational StructureAgents Emergent Behavior and Emerging TechnologiesAgents in Electronic Business and Virtual OrganizationsArtificial Intelligence and Evolutionary AlgorithmsArtificial Intelligence in Embedded SystemsArtificial Intelligence…

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