International Journal of Cloud Computing

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Cloud computing refers to computing with a pool of virtualised computer
resources. A cloud can host different workloads, allows workloads to be
deployed/scaled-out on-demand by rapid provisioning of virtual or
physical machines, supports redundant, self-recovering, highly-scalable
programming models and allows workloads to recover from
hardware/software failures and rebalance allocations. The idea is to
move desktop computing to a service-oriented platform using server
clusters and huge databases at datacentres. IJCC addresses innovative developments, research issues/solutions in cloud computing and related technologies. Topics covered includeAuditing, monitoring, scheduling, resource registration/discoveryAutomatic reconfiguration, self healing/monitoringAutonomic, high-performance, utility, P2P computingCloud architecture/modelling, servicesConsistency models, fault tolerance/reliabilityData grid, semantic web, web services, hardware/software as a serviceInnovations in IP (esp. open source) systemsIT service/relationship management, security, risk, trustworthiness, privacyLoad balancing, optimal deployment configurationMainframe/large systems integration, programming modelsMiddleware frameworks, virtualisationPower-aware profiling, modelling, optimisationScalable fault resilience techniquesScalable scheduling on heterogeneous architecturesService level agreements, integration, management

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