International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

IJAIED publishes papers concerned with the application of AI to education. It aims to help the development of principles for the design of computer-based learning systems. Its premise is that such principles involve the modelling and representation of relevant aspects of knowledge, before implementation or during execution, and hence require the application of AI techniques and concepts. IJAIED has a very broad notion of the scope of AI and of a ‘computer-based learning system’, as indicated by the following list of topics considered to be within the scope of IJAIED: adaptive and intelligent multimedia and hypermedia systemsagent-based learning environmentsAIED and teacher educationarchitectures for AIED systemsassessment and testing of learning outcomesauthoring systems and shells for AIED systemsbayesian and statistical methodscase-based systemscognitive developmentcognitive models of problem-solvingcognitive tools for learningcomputer-assisted language learningcomputer-supported collaborative learningdialogue (argumentation, explanation, negotiation, etc.) discovery environments and microworldsdistributed learning environmentseducational roboticsembedded training systemsempirical studies to inform the design of learning environmentsenvironments to support the learning of programmingevaluation of AIED systemsformal models of components of AIED systemshelp and advice systemshuman factors and interface designinstructional design principlesinstructional planningintelligent agents on the internetintelligent courseware for computer-based trainingintelligent tutoring systemsknowledge and skill acquisitionknowledge representation for instructionmodelling metacognitive skillsmodelling pedagogical interactionsmotivationnatural language interfaces for…

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