Healthcare Technology Letters

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Healthcare Technology Letters aims to bring together an
audience of biomedical and electrical engineers, physical and computer
scientists, and mathematicians to enable the exchange of the latest
ideas and advances through rapid online publication of original
healthcare technology research. Major themes of the journal include (but are not limited to):
Major technological/methodological areas:
Biomedical signal processingBiomedical imaging and image processingBioinstrumentation (sensors, wearable technologies, etc)Biomedical informatics
Major application areas:
Cardiovascular and respiratory systems engineeringNeural engineering, neuromuscular systemsRehabilitation engineeringBio-robotics, surgical planning and biomechanicsTherapeutic and diagnostic systems, devices and technologiesClinical engineeringHealthcare information systems, telemedicine, mHealth

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