Health Information Management Journal

  in Journal   Posted on September 2, 2020

The Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ) is the official peer-reviewed research journal of the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA).

HIMJ provides a forum for dissemination of original investigations and reviews covering a broad range of topics related to the management and communication of health information including: clinical and administrative health information systems at international, national, hospital and health practice levels; electronic health records; privacy and confidentiality; health classifications and terminologies; health systems, funding and resources management; consumer health informatics; public and population health information management; information technology implementation and evaluation and health information management education.

HIMJ is published three times per year and provides a platform for national and international contributors to advance the knowledgebase of health information management.

HIMJ will give priority, after normal refereeing processes, to papers whose focus and content is specifically related to health information management issues, including:

– Electronic health records
– Personal health records
– Privacy and security of health information
– Health information management and patient safety
– The role of health information management in health reform
– Classification systems, clinical coding and data quality
– Management and quality of health information systems
– Consumer health informatics
– Use of the internet for health knowledge
– Mobile computing
– Implementation of information systems
– Evaluation of health information systems
– Integration of information technologies into the clinical work of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and administrative staff
– Information and communication technologies in aged care
– Informatics and general practice
– Nursing informatics
– Human/computer interaction
– Data management
– Data linkage
– Health information management workforce
– Health information management education
– Research in health information management
– Health information governance
– Health information system governance
– Ethical use of health data and information

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