Future Internet

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

AimsFuture Internet (ISSN 1999-5903) is a scholarly open access journal which provides an advanced forum for science and research concerned with evolution of Internet technologies and related smart systems for “Net-Living” development. The general reference subject is therefore the evolution towards the future internet ecosystem, which is feeding a continuous, intensive, artificial transformation of the lived environment, for a widespread and significant improvement of well-being in all spheres of human life (private, public, professional).Results of interdisciplinary research are particularly welcome, since mutual connections and feedback within and among the stated macro-areas are increasingly required for an effective systematic diffuse enhancement of quality of life through Net-Living.ScopeMacro-Area 1: Smart System Technologies and ArchitectureIncluded topics are:• advanced communications network infrastructures• evolution of internet basic services• internet of things• netted peripheral sensors• industrial internet• centralized and distributed data centers• embedded computing• cloud computing• software defined network functions and network virtualization• cloud-let and fog-computing• big data, open data and analytical tools• cyber-physical systems• network and distributed operating systems• web services• semantic structures and related software tools• artificial and augmented intelligence• augmented reality• system interoperability and flexible service composition• smart mission-critical system architectures• smart terminals and applications• pro-sumer tools for application design and development• cyber…

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