E-Informatica Software Engineering Journal

  in Journal   Posted on September 23, 2020

Software requirements engineering and modelingSoftware architectures and designSoftware components and reuseSoftware testing, analysis and verificationAgile software development methodologies and practicesModel driven developmentSoftware qualitySoftware measurement and metricsReverse engineering and software maintenanceEmpirical and experimental studies in software engineering (incl. replications)Evidence-based software engineeringSystematic reviews and mapping studiesStatistical analyses and meta-analyses of experimentsRobust statistical methodsReproducible research in software engineeringObject-oriented software developmentAspect-oriented software developmentSoftware tools, containers, frameworks and development environmentsFormal methods in software engineering.Internet software systems developmentDependability of software systemsHuman-computer interactionAI and knowledge based software engineeringData science in software engineeringPrediction models in software engineeringMining software repositoriesSearch-based software engineeringMultiobjective evolutionary algorithmsTools for software researchers or practitionersProject managementSoftware products and process improvement and measurement programsProcess maturity models

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